Collage art today is so much more than cutting out pictures from magazines. Digital technology has allowed me to turn my scissors to my daily life, selecting and snipping from the world around me.

Having a cellphone has meant having a camera with me almost all of the time, and most of my work begins these days as snapshots on my iPhone. Other images come from my trusty Fuji X-E1, especially when quality of light or focus is needed.

Sometimes I'll sketch or paint from these snapshots. Other times I'll cut, filter, combine, or collage images digitally.

Color and texture are essential to collage, and I rarely leave my work in digital form. I print and cut my images with a pair of sharpened brass scissors, then lay them down on canvas with gel gloss and acrylic paint.

In their final form, these works have a chameleon-like property. At galleries, people ask if they're photographs or oil pantings. Sometimes they examine the canvas, unsure or unable to decide.

When this happens, I know that I've succeeded in making art that is a true mirror into my internal vision.


Lorri Frisbee